Your Resumé Is A Commodity

Growing up, everyone always stressed the importance of your resumé. Make sure you have the right formatting, action verbs, most relevant experience, etc. What I have been finding out by current employers and recruiters is that the resumé is not really important, but just a matter of getting your foot in the door.

A resumé is a commodity.

Everyone has one and they all look pretty much the same.

All they want to see is a degree and some relevant skills/experience. A recruiter might look at your resumé for a max of 30 seconds and either toss it aside or save it. Or they might go straight to LinkedIn and not even look at your resumé at all.


What matters most is who you know and who they know a.k.a networking. The end goal would be to have an “in” or a connection with someone at a company who can personally send your information to human resources, give you a recommendation, connect you with someone else, or help set up an informational interview. Making meaningful connections will open so many more doors than a resumé will.

In the end, You need Both

Overall, don’t stress too much if your resumé isn’t perfect or doesn’t have the best action verbs or formatting. There are ways to make your resumé unique or find strategies to pass the 30 second test––but it’s important to remember that it is merely a tool to get past the first step. Spend time on your resumé, but spend MORE time making meaningful connections. The resumé is important…but networking is more important. Having the combination of both will help get you the job.



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