6 Reasons Why Visuals Are Queen

They say that content is king, so who’s the queen? Here are 6 reasons why images and videos are an absolute must in your digital strategy:

1. People are visual.

After all, a human’s primary sense is sight.

2. It’s memorable.

People are more likely to remember what they saw than what they read. With all the clutter being posted on social media, images stand out more and more likely to have higher engagement.

3. Information at a glance.

Visuals also have the benefit of being able to convey a complex message with one look. In this day and age, we are a generation of busy people who don’t have time to read long articles. With visuals, we can get all the information we need at a glance.

4. Visuals envoke feeling.

You can read emotion through someone’s facial expression better than you can through words. Have you ever tried being sarcastic over text? Even now a text feels incomplete without a visual such as an emoji.

5. It’s The NEW WAY To Communicate.

Images and videos have almost become a new type of language in the digital world. Certain social media platforms are exclusively visual such as Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, and Vine. People literally communicate via photos back and forth on Snapchat––no words needed.

6.  Visuals are more fun.

Plain and simple, watching a video or looking at an infographic will usually be more enjoyable than reading a long article.

People will remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see. Having a visual marketing strategy is just as important as the messaging. We can’t separate the king from the queen!



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