Say “Yes” More Often

One of my life mottos is to “Say Yes More Often”.  What does it mean? It means to embrace change, put yourself out there, seek opportunity – when life hands you a chance for experience––say YES! When I was in middle school I was in a very vulnerable stage where I was afraid to try new things or take risks. I wanted to stay where I was at––where I was comfortable. I didn’t want to try out for the play because I didn’t want to be rejected. I didn’t sign up for the camping trip because I was afraid I wouldn’t know anyone. I didn’t run for student council because I didn’t think I was popular enough. An important turn in my life happened around this time when I realized how much I was missing out on in my life.

When starting to build a resume in high school I felt that I had done nothing significant or interesting to put on there. My mother said to me something that I carry with me today. She said, “If you never try, you never fail. But if you never try, you’re never going to succeed either”. If I don’t try out for the play, I have a 0% chance of getting in it. But if I do, I know there is at least a chance! I have taken this concept to take on every opportunity that comes my way. I want to be involved in as many things as I can and fill my life with exciting adventures, stories, experiences, and more. It is amazing to see how many good things can come your way if you just take a chance and go for it.

After changing my attitude, I got solos I never thought I was good enough for, job opportunities I never would have applied to, and more. I have also used opportunities to make so many great friendships, go on outdoor adventures, learn new skills and hobbies, and see all that life has to offer. I believe my success and life experiences really have come simply from saying “yes” more often.

So take a chance and go for it. We only live once (I know this is said a lot) but it is completely true and what have we got to lose? Apply for that job, reach out to your role model, try out for the play, sign up for that social event you want to go to, say yes to an adventure with your friends, take a risk and try something new––don’t hesitate, because before you know it, that opportunity will be long gone.

Say yes to opportunity and to living life to the fullest. Cheers.



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