My Trip to Spain 2015

This past month has been crazy, and crazy good in so many ways. I graduated from college and two days later I got on a flight to Spain with my boyfriend Robbie for 3 weeks. We stayed with Robbie’s sister who actually lives in Valladolid, Spain. We took many small trips all over the country – including the south, north, and east coasts. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had by far. I wanted to share some of those memories I made.

One of our favorite spots – Barcelona, Spain.20150526_133226

A common meal in Malaga, Spain – sardines! We weren’t sure how to eat them at first..

A marina in Santander – the north coast of Spain.

A classic section in the Spanish grocery stores – ham legs.

Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain.

This picture was taken at the top of a mountain – Peña de Franzia. When you line up the small cone with the cross section, it points to where the city is located down below.

By far, the best picture I took in Spain. A beautiful lake on top of a mountain in Potés.

If you are ever planning a trip to Spain, don’t hesitate to ask me where I would recommend going, tips for getting around, or any questions you might have about Spain. It was a fantastic trip and I am definitely going back again!



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