The Power of Twitter

Having a Twitter is not only recommended, it is expected if you are planning on entering the field of marketing and advertising.

One of the main reasons I got my first job in marketing was solely because of my online presence – specifically on Twitter! Some job applications even have a specific field for you to list your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Twitter is one of the most powerful networking tools out there. You can follow anyone in the world with one click. A simple tweet mentioning someone can be very impactful. You might be surprised at how many people will reply, favorite, and even follow you.

Last year, I read an interesting blog post that I really liked – so I went out and found the author on Twitter. I followed her and tweeted to her that I really enjoyed her article and the advice she had to offer. She actually got back to me right away, followed me back, and offered her help to me personally.

This began an exchange of more tweets, then emails, and before you know it, I was meeting her for coffee in Manhattan, New York! We had a great conversation and she gave me some people I could get in touch with in my area. She also gave me some really awesome advice as I was just starting my career after college. We are still in touch to this day and she has been a great help and mentor for me.

Anything is possible on Twitter. And you never know how the connections you make could help you down the road. So be brave, make connections, reach out, and discover the power of Twitter for yourself.



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