10 Reasons To Consider A Post Graduate Internship

You are getting closer to graduating from college and you’re anxious to lock down a “real job”. Despite all the success stories you hear from alumni, what they don’t tell you is actually how hard it is to find a full time job right out of college – especially one that’s fit for your degree. Have you considered an internship? Ignore the negative connotations – here are 10 reasons why a post graduate internship is a great idea:

1. Internships are becoming the new entry level job

The job market out there is tough for new grads. Each year thousands of students are added to the job applicant pool, making it harder to get noticed by employers. More and more are turning to internships instead as their first job out of college.

2. You don’t have to settle

Don’t apply for jobs you don’t want to do – it’s as simple as that. If finding something full-time in your field seems unattainable right now, get started with an internship that will get your foot in the door for your industry. Whether it’s related by field or function, you will gain more relevant skills and experience for your desired career. Don’t settle for the first full-time job that comes your way, be patient and wait for the right opportunity.

3. A great transition into the “real world”

Jumping right into a full-time position can be a little scary. Even if your boss and your coworkers don’t expect you to know a whole lot, it may feel like you should – or feel hesitant to put in your input right away. With an internship, you can relax knowing it’s a great environment to ask lots of questions and have your hand held a little bit as you enter into the workplace.

4. An awesome opportunity to learn a lot

Any opportunity for growth is going to be a good one. Internships are great for absorbing as much knowledge as you can, whether it is through the work you are given or just sitting down with a coworker to pick their brain on something. Taking full advantage of this can be tremendously helpful for growing as a professional.

5. Figure out the path you want to take

When I graduated from college, I still had no idea what I wanted to do. I definitely knew I wanted to do something in marketing, but which area? Not a clue. An internship might be able to help you figure this out, especially one with variety. Maybe you like social media, or maybe you find yourself liking more of the analytics side. You truly won’t know until you try it.

6. Build your network with meaningful connections

One of the greatest takeaways from an internship is the people you meet. The opportunity to connect and make lasting relationships is invaluable – something you will take way beyond your time as an intern. So make it a point to make time for getting to know your coworkers.

7. Opportunity to dive into your industry, if you haven’t already

One thing I didn’t have when I graduated was any experiences in marketing (outside of school). I had actually switched my major after having several jobs and internships in another field. An internship gave me the chance to dive into marketing in the “real world” where I could gain some expertise before hitting it full-time.

8. Gain Credible Experience

Along with the opportunity to dive in, this will also build some credibility up on your resume. Although networking is the most important part of your job search, having a stronger background can help you become a better qualified candidate.

9. Gain valuable skills during your full-time job search

What if graduation hits and you still don’t have a job lined up? Instead of spending 3 or 4 months still looking, you might as well make use of that time with an internship.

10. Open new doors you didn’t think possible

An internship could be more valuable than you ever thought possible. Whether its from the people you meet, the skills you gain, or the lessons learned – it could open up a new opportunity you never thought you could have had before. One of my favorite quotes is “When one door closes, another one opens.”

So just because you have a degree, doesn’t mean you have to rule out an internship – it’s very competitive to get one too nowadays! They are incredibly rewarding no matter where you are at. Getting an internship after college might just be the best thing for you.



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