Email Signature Do’s And Definitely Don’ts [Infographic]

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A perfectly good email can get completely sabotaged by an annoying, unpleasant, or totally obnoxious email signature. I’m sure many of you have experienced this before with really long signatures listing every possible way to contact them, signatures with a motivational quote, or signatures that are so big you can’t even find their email message. Here’s a few tips for making the email world a better place.

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Did you know if you use any images or logos in your signature it sends as an attachment and winds up in spam? Yeah, don’t do that.

Did you know that if you send an email, the recipient will know what your email address is? Whoa! So don’t put that in your signature either.

Truth be told, there is no perfect email signature or template to follow, but there are some clear best practices and things to avoid. If you walk away from this infographic learning one thing, it should be to make it simple. Don’t get fancy, don’t get creative, just Make. It. Simple. And the world will be happy.


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