How We Made $2,170 By Getting Bumped On American Airlines

How We Made $2,170 By Getting Bumped On American Airlines

Sometimes flying can be the worst thing in the world. Getting bumped, delays, incompetent airline employees, crying children, or sitting on the tarmac for hours. All of these situations you might find yourself sending angry tweets, yelling on the phone to customer service, or just getting incredibly upset and irritated.

Though sometimes…it’s worth it.

If you’re smart, and you know your rights, these awful situations can come out to be a good thing.

That’s how my fiancé and I made $2,170 in straight cash from getting bumped by American Airlines. Continue reading “How We Made $2,170 By Getting Bumped On American Airlines”

Allie Hoffman From Student To COO In Two Years

[Featured On UMD News] From Student To COO In Two Years

*Originally posted on September 18, 2017 by Courtney Salmela

Allie Hoffman completed a double major with a B.B.A. Marketing and a B.A. Music in 2015. 

When Allie Hoffman first started at UMD, she knew that business was the right choice for her; however, she never imagined she would end up where she is just two years after graduation. 

Allie moved halfway across the country to Wilmington, N.C. in the fall of 2015 where she joined one of the top inbound marketing agencies. Fast forward one year later to November 2016, she became the agency’s Chief Operating Officer.

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Understanding The Attribution Of Paid Media In HubSpot

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Whether you’re currently running ads or plan on running paid media campaigns in the future, it’s important to make sure you’re setting up the tracking you need to measure your ad performance. Tracking is the most important thing you can do when it comes to ads, otherwise you are simply wasting your money. So how do you know if your ads are doing well? Where are you going to find the data to back up your decision to increase the budget? Continue reading “Understanding The Attribution Of Paid Media In HubSpot”

Email Signature Do’s And Definitely Don’ts [Infographic]

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A perfectly good email can get completely sabotaged by an annoying, unpleasant, or totally obnoxious email signature. I’m sure many of you have experienced this before with really long signatures listing every possible way to contact them, signatures with a motivational quote, or signatures that are so big you can’t even find their email message. Here’s a few tips for making the email world a better place. Continue reading “Email Signature Do’s And Definitely Don’ts [Infographic]”

9 Tips For Having A Kick Ass Job Interview

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Oh great, another article to join the internet about job searching tips. However, I can guarantee you’ll learn something new from this one. And the title has a swear word in it *gasp*…so this should be fun. Read on for 9 tips that could help you out in your next interview. Continue reading “9 Tips For Having A Kick Ass Job Interview”

10 Reasons to Consider a Post Graduate Internship

10 Reasons To Consider A Post Graduate Internship

You are getting closer to graduating from college and you’re anxious to lock down a “real job”. Despite all the success stories you hear from alumni, what they don’t tell you is actually how hard it is to find a full time job right out of college – especially one that’s fit for your degree. Have you considered an internship? Ignore the negative connotations – here are 10 reasons why a post graduate internship is a great idea: Continue reading “10 Reasons To Consider A Post Graduate Internship”

10 Online Marketing Leaders You Should Follow

10 Online Marketing Leaders You Should Follow

There are thousands of online marketing leaders and influencers out there contributing awesome content and ideas everyday. It’s hard to know who to follow, or what content you are going to enjoy the most. I pulled together a short list of some of my favorites to help you get started.  Continue reading “10 Online Marketing Leaders You Should Follow”